If you are someone who has a child that is so high maintenance that they insist on eating lunch every.single.day. then the OMG, just eat! community welcomes you, we are spirit animals 🦄.


I focus on providing stressed out moms of elementary aged children lunch ideas and fun accessories for anyone who loves to feed their children (mostly) healthy plant based foods with a special focus on allergy friendly foods including gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and egg free.


Now, I know how personal of a topic food can be. I’m not here to judge or tell you what your child should or shouldn’t eat. Our family prefers to eat a plant based diet, light on the dairy and eggs (if I were Oprah I would put the invention of the flax egg on my list of favorite things and hand them out like cars at Christmas time). But I am far from perfect, some days my kids will have cheddar rockets in their lunch (oh the horror!), and some days I will completely run out of time to make lunches because the dog vomited in the hallway while I was gently nudging (screaming) at the kids to get their teeth brushed so we can leave for school. And on those days I will be so thankful that my kids attend a school that is three doors down from Starbucks, so I can nip in and grab something before I drop them off at school. But hey, c’est la vie.


The reason I started this blog is because I found myself in a state of complete and utter frustration that I had to find a way to make packing lunches fun and easy. I sat down with a computer and a cup of coffee and vowed to come up with a system or die trying – I emerged victorious! And now I’m here to share that system with you.


My two kids are also my inspiration. My daughter Grace is 7 and my son Will is 5, and quite frankly I was a little terrified for my son to start Kindergarten this year, what’s he going to eat I kept asking myself? I’m about to use a word that is very controversial, my son is a… picky eater. You see my son is one of those, if it’s supposed to be hot he can’t eat it cold – think pizza, and if it’s supposed to be cold he can’t eat it room temperature – think yogurt, and he never eats carrots on Mondays (or any other day for that matter). So I came up with a system, a way to give myself the best odds of him actually eating all of his lunch. And it’s working!


3 fun facts about me:

1 . I ❤️tennis. This year, the first year both my kids are in school full-time, I joined a tennis cup team and play doubles matches every Friday. I’m not gonna lie, I play to win.

2 . The only show I watch on a regular basis (not counting binge watching Ozark on Netflix) is a British soap opera called Coronation Street. Do you like Coronation Street too? Email me, we can be bezzie mates!

3.  I heart coffee, like in copious amounts, but I’m almost always trying to quit. I should really just stop being a quitter, they never win.